International Socialist Organization (Zimbabwe)

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International Socialist Organization
Erklært ideologiSosialisme, trotskisme
GrunnlagtTidlig 1990-tall
LederMunyaradzi Gwisai
HovedkontorZimrights 90 4th Street, Harare

International Socialist Organization er en trotskistisk organisasjon i Zimbabwe. Den er en del av International Socialist Tendency som ledes av britiske Socialist Workers Party. Organisasjonen utgir en avis kalt Socialist Worker.

International Socialist Organization er i opposisjon til både ZANU-PF og MDC og hevder å bli undertrykt av den zimbabwiske staten.

SitatOn the whole it is not safe for us to do street sales with our paper any more, though we can still hold public meetings if we are careful about security. The new press laws pushed through by Mugabe are going to make a lot of what we say very difficult to publish, because of course it is critical of the government.' (ISO statement)[1]Sitat

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