Lionel Charles Hopkins

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Lionel Charles Hopkins (født 1854; død 1952) var en britisk sinolog. Han var bror til Gerard Manley Hopkins. Han samlet seg en større samling kinesiske orakelben (The Hopkins Collection of Inscribed Oracle Bones).

Verker[rediger | rediger kilde]

  • Report by Mr. L.C. Hopkins on the island of Formosa, Harrison and Sons, 1885.
  • The Guide to Kuan hua: A Translation of the 'Kuan hua chih nan' With an Wssay on Tone and Accent in Pekinese, and a Glossary of Phrases, 3. and revised ed. Shanghai: Kelly & Walsh 1900
  • The Origin and Earlier History of the Chinese Coinage, Photographic reprint, 1978

Litteratur[rediger | rediger kilde]

  • F.H. Chalfant: The Hopkins Collection of Inscribed Oracle Bones, New York, 1939

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