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Really, the article is really, really weird... This montain is still called Mo(u)nt Stanley. Mont Ngaliema is a hill in the Kinshasa on which the country's department of defence is located. It was formerly also called Mont Stanley, but has nothing to do with that mountain.--Antemister (diskusjon) 1. nov. 2017 kl. 12:01 (CET)

You are right and this has to do with one quite small «mont» (a hill of about 354 meters I think judging from my map) and one rather higher one sharing names. Mont Stanley aka Mount Nkonzo aka mount Leopold aka Mont Ngaliema [[1]] in Kinshasa I guess is well known in Kinshasa and for people who have visited Kinshasa, but Mount Stanley aka Mont Ngaliema is also known as the 3rd highest mountain in Africa [[2]] and is situated on the border between Uganda and Den demokratiske republikken Kongo [[3]]. I guess not quite that many people have visited the over 5000 meter high mountain in the Ruwenzori nasjonalpark. I think it is possible that there was a connection between Mr. Stanley and a Mr. Ngaliema which could possibly be the reason for two places being named after both of them, but that story I did not find, only teasers with Google and links to dead pages. If you come across that story do tell me. This was well spotted. --ツDyveldi☯ prat ✉ post 12. jan. 2018 kl. 23:51 (CET)