Agustín Magaldi

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Agustín Magaldi
Agustín Magaldi joven.jpg
Født1. desember 1898[1][2][3]
Død8. september 1938[4][2][3] (39 år)
Buenos Aires
Gravlagt La Chacarita Cemetery
Beskjeftigelse Sanger-låtskriver

Agustín Magaldi (født 1. desember 1898 i Casilda nær Rosario i Argentina, død 8. september 1938 i Buenos Aires) var en tango- og milongasanger. Han fikk tilnavnet Buenods Aires' sentimentale stemme. Magaldi stod bare tilbake for tangosangeren Carlos Gardel i popularitet.

Agustín Magaldi skildres i musicalen Evita av Andrew Lloyd Webber og Tim Rice. Ifølge musicalen bragte Magaldi Eva Duarte, den senere Eva Peron, til Buenos Aires, og omtales derfor som «the first man to be of use to Eva Duarte».

Imidlertid er det uenighet om denne historien overhodet er sann. I biografien Evita: The Real Life of Eva Perón av forfatterne Marysa Navarro og Nicholas Fraser hevdes det at det ikke finnes noe belegg for at Magaldi opptrådte i Evas hjemby Junín det aktuelle året.

Most accounts of Evita's life say that she fell in love with the spotlight image of Magaldi or that she decided to seduce him and use him; but that, in either event, she was introduced to him, asked him to take her to Buenos Aires, and when he wavered, forced her way into his train compartment and rode with him to the city, thus leaving her family and becoming a married man's mistress. Yet there is no record of the tango singer's having come to Junín that year. Magaldi, a mild man who was devoted to his mother, used to bring his wife on tour, and it is hard to understand what he would have seen in small, skinny Eva María. If he did help her leave Junín, it is likely that his assistance was of the most innocuous kind. Evita's sister insists that doña Juana, prodded by don Pepe, accompanied Evita to the city. According to her account, mother and daughter kept visiting the radio stations until they found a programme for which a young girl was needed.»[5]

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