Speiding for Gutter

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Speiding for gutter
Scouting for Boys: A Handbook for Instruction in Good Citizenship
Speiding for gutter
Omslagsbildet på den første boka i serien.
Forfatter(e)Robert Baden-Powell
ForlagHorace Cox

Speiding for gutter eller Speiding: håndbok for oppøving i god samfunnsånd gjennom friluftsliv er den første boka om speiderbevegelsen, og blant de ti mest solgte bøkene[1]. Den ble utgitt i 1908, og ble skrevet og illustrert av Robert Baden-Powell. Boka kom ut i seks deler, og én del kom ut hver 14. dag, fra januar til mars 1908[2].

Videre historie[rediger | rediger kilde]

Boka var en stor suksess, og Baden-Powell oppførte et sentralspeiderkontor hvor de som ville bli speidere kunne registrere seg. På slutten av 1908 var det 60 000 speidere, og bevegelsen begynte å spire rundt omkring i det britiske sambeldet. Det første nasjonale speidermøtet fant sted i september 1909 i Crystal Palace i London, og omkring 10 000 speidere møte opp. Blant disse var også en gruppe jenter som kalte seg for «the Girl Scouts» [3] (jentespeiderne). Disse ble en egen gruppe i 1910.

Kapitlene i boka[rediger | rediger kilde]

Omslagsbildet på den andre delen.
Omslagsbildet på den tredje delen.
Deler Scouting for boys - ulike kapitler [4]
Part I. Scoutcraft
1 Mafeking boy scouts, Scouts' work, "Kim", Books
2 Summary of scout's course of instruction, the Elsdon murder
3 Boy scouts' organisation, the scout's oath, Scout's salute and secret sign, scout's uniform, scout's war songs, patrol signs
4 Scout law, scouting games, scout's play
Part II. Tracking, Woodcraft
5 Observation of "sign", Noticing sign, Details of people, Signs round a dead body, Details in the country, Using your eyes, Books to read on observation, hints to instructors, Games in observation
6 Spooring, Men's tracks, hints to spooring, hints to instructors, Tracking games, Books to read on spooring
7 Reading "sign" or deduction, Instances of deduction, Hints to instructors, Example of practice in deduction, Books to read
8 Stalking, How to hide yourself, How to teach stalking, Games in stalking, Books on stalking
9 Animals, Birds, Reptiles and fishes, Insects, Hints to instructors, Honours, Lion hunting, Books to read, Play
10 Plants, Trees, Hints for instructor, Games, Books to read, Play
Part III. Camp life, Campaigning
11 Pioneering, Hut building, Felling trees, How to make bridges, Self measures, the scout is always a handy-man, Hints to instructors, Books to read
12 Camping, Comfort in camp, Camp fires-the right way of making them, Tidiness, Hints to instructors
13 Camp life, Cooking, Bread making, Cattle-driving and slaughtering, Cleanliness, Water, Hints to instructors, Camp games, Book to read
14 Life in the open, Exploration, Boat cruising, Watermanship, Mountaineering, Patrolling, Night work, Weather wisdom, Hints to instructors, Games, Books on life in the open
15 Pathfinding, Judging heights and distances, Finding the North, Hints to instructors, Games in pathfinding, Books to read
16 Information by signal, Signalling, Whistle and flag signals, Practices in signalling, Hints to instructors, Marks towards badges of honour in campaigning, Dispatch running, Display
Part IV. Endurance and chivalry
17 How to grow strong: A scout's endurance, Exercises and their object, The nose, Ears, Eyes, Teeth, Hints to instructors, Games to develop strength, Books to read
18 Health-giving habits: How to keep healthy, Keep yourself clean, Smoking, Drinking, Early rising, Smile, Practices, Books to read
19 Prevention of disease: Camp doctoring, Microbes and how to fight them, Food, Clothing, Practices, Games, Books to read
20 Chivalry of the knights: Chivalry to others, St. George, The knights' code, Unselfishness, Self-sacrifice, Kindness, Tips, Friendliness, Politeness, Courtesy to women, Practices, Hints to instructors, Games, Play, Books to read
21 Self-discipline: To instructors, Honour, Obedience and discipline, Courage, Good temper and cheeriness, Books to read, Practice in self-discipline, Games
22 Self-improvement:To instructors, Duty to God, Thrift, How to make money, How to get on, Practices in self-improvement, Information on professions, etc, Books to read, (in part V:) Sobriety, Practise observation, Fortitude, Notes to instructors
Part V. Saving life and patriotism
23 Be prepared for accidents: Hints to instructors, The knights of St. John, Life-saving medals, Practice for life saving
24 Accidents and how to deal with them: Panics, Rescue from fire, Directions, Rescue from drowning, Rescue from runaway horses, Miscellaneous accidents, Mad dog, Practices in life-saving, Books to read
25 Helping others: Rendering first aid, Snake bite, Grit in the eye, Suicides, How to carry a patient, How to practice, Games, Books to read
26 Our empire: Hints to instructors, Our empire, How our empire grew, how the empire must be held, Hints to instructors, Books to read, Display
27 Citizenship: Scout's duty as a citizen, Duties as citizen-soldier, Marksmanship, Helping police, Hints to instructors, Games, Books to read
28 United we stand, divided we fall: Hints to instructors, Our Navy and Army, Our flag, Our government, Our King, Books to read
Part VI. Notes for instructors, Scouting games, practices, and displays
Play the game: don't look on, The British Empire wants your help, Fall of the Roman Empire was due to bad citizenship, Bad citizenship is becoming apparent in this country to-day, Football, Our future citizens, Peace-scouting, Militarism, How to teach scouting, Authorities who might find the scheme useful, Hints to instructors, Be Prepared, Clubroom, The handbook, Course of instruction, Method of instruction, Imagination, Responsibility to juniors, Discipline, Religion, Continence, Hints to instructors, Forming character, Conclusion, Books on the subject
Notes to instructors, Scoutcraft, Tracking, Woodcraft, Camp life, Books to read, Campaigning and pathfinding, Endurance and health, Chivalry, Saving life and first aid, Patriotism, Play the game!, The storming of Delhi, The Maple Leaf Forever, The song of Australia, God bless the Prince of Wales, God save the King, Sample programme of athletics sports, Non-scouting games, Basket ball, Books to read
Suggestions for a display
True scouting stories

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Litteratur[rediger | rediger kilde]

Baden-Powell, Robert (1952). Speiding : håndbok for oppøving i god samfundsånd gjennom friluftsliv. Oslo: Norsk speidergutt-forbund.