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Formål[rediger kilde]

Denne malen gjør ingenting  – mer presist, den kaster vekk parametre og returnerer null-strengen.

Bruk[rediger kilde]

It's useful for programming advanced templates, and is often is used within a template to the right of an equals sign. It may also be used in a template to disambiguate parsing of braces.

It can also be used to temporarily disable code, and unlike "commenting out" with <!-- -->, it nests. This means that {{void|foo {{void|bar}} baz}} is valid, whereas <!-- foo <!-- bar --> baz --> will produce baz -->.

Eksempler[rediger kilde]

Alternativer[rediger kilde]

{{Null}} redirects here. It's also possible to use {{ns:0}}, the empty/void/null string for the main namespace.

It can be used in place of <nowiki/> to break character sequence parsing, for example {{nowrap|{''a''}{{null}}}} to force the first closing brace to be treated as part of the template parameter instead of as the end of the template expression.

A template to show the null string

Malparametre[Rediger maldata]

Ingen parametre ble angitt

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  • Mal:voidd – kan brukes for å overvåke parameterbruk