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Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «artikkelnavn trengs». Encyclopedia Americana. 


Purpose[rediger kilde]

This template facilitates the citation of articles from editions of Encyclopedia Americana that are in the public domain using {{cite encyclopedia}}. The template can also be used to cite articles from editions that are not in the public domain. In these cases, the noicon parameter should be used to suppress the icon.

Usage[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=''name of the Americana article here''}}

or with a specification of additional options:

{{Cite Americana
|noicon=1 — suppress the leading icon
|inline=1 — changes the prescript and should be used when this template is used as an inline citation
|short=1  — suppresses some of the fields such as editor's name
|ref=harv — can be overridden (if you need to ask you do not need to change it)
|wstitle=Americana article — if the article is available on Wikisource 
|display=alternative name — displayed inplace of the wstitle name
|title=Americana article — if the article is not available on Wikisource
|url=  — will not be set unless the parameter title= is set
If not set, set in the template Cite Americana to default values
|encyclopedia= — "Encyclopedia Americana"
|editor-first= — defaults to "George Edwin"
|editor-last=  — defaults to "Rines"
|year — defaults to 1920
If set pass in other standard parameters:

Some parameters, unless set to other values, are pre-set:

  • editor-first defaults to "George Edwin"
  • editor-last defaults to "Rines"
  • year defaults to "1920"

Examples[rediger kilde]

Simple[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Cogniet, Leon}}

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Cogniet, Leon». Encyclopedia Americana. 

With comment[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Cogniet, Leon}} A French history and portrait painter with many famous students.

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Cogniet, Leon». Encyclopedia Americana.  A French history and portrait painter with many famous students.

Using author[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana|author=[[Wilbur L. Cross]] |wstitle=David Copperfield}}

displays as:

 Wilbur L. Cross (1920). «David Copperfield». I Rines, George Edwin. Encyclopedia Americana. 

Using volume, pages, page[rediger kilde]

These work as with other {{cite}} templates:

{{Cite Americana |title=Pulte, Joseph Hippolyt |volume=22 |page=799 }}

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Pulte, Joseph Hippolyt». Encyclopedia Americana. 22. s. 799. 

Using display[rediger kilde]

The mechanics of Wikisource will sometimes require that a link have disambiguation information which is not part of the original title. The display parameter allows this information to be hidden for the purpose of the citation. For example:

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Monroe (Louisiana) |display=Monroe, La.}}

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Monroe, La.». Encyclopedia Americana. 

Using noicon[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Cogniet, Leon|noicon=x}}

displays as:

Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Cogniet, Leon». Encyclopedia Americana. 

Using vb[rediger kilde]

If text is incorporated verbatim into an article, the vb parameter can be used to tack on a notice appropriate to the policy in Wikipedia:Plagiarism.

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Schlatter, Michael |vb=x}}

displays as:

 Denne artikkelen inneholder tekst fra en publikasjon som nå er falt i det fri (public domain): Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Schlatter, Michael». Encyclopedia Americana. 

This option is depreciated. Instead use {{Americana}} which does the same thing without the need for a vb=x parameter.

Using title (no Wikisource link)[rediger kilde]

{{Cite Americana |title=Sterne, Simon}}

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Sterne, Simon». Encyclopedia Americana. 

When title is being used, url can be used to specify an external link. For example:

{{Cite Americana
 |title=Sterne, Simon
}} At [[Google Books]].

displays as:

 Rines, George Edwin, red. (1920). «Sterne, Simon». Encyclopedia Americana.  At Google Books.

Using short[rediger kilde]

If a shorter citation is desired, excluding the editor of the 1920 edition, the short option can be used. For example:

{{Cite Americana|wstitle=Schlatter, Michael|short=x}}

displays as:

 «Schlatter, Michael». Encyclopedia Americana. 1920. 

If another edition besides 1920 is being used, the editor name can be customized using editor-first and editor-last. If used, these two items will be displayed whether or not the short option is specified.

Hidden categories[rediger kilde]

This template places articles into a hidden category with sub-categories to aid maintenance:

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