Liste over Milton Friedmans publikasjoner og akademiske artikler

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Milton Friedman var en amerikansk økonom innenfor chicagoskolen

Utgivelser[rediger | rediger kilde]

Populærvitenskapelige publikasjoner[rediger | rediger kilde]

Akademiske bøker og artikler[rediger | rediger kilde]

  • Income from Independent Professional Practice sammen med Simon Kuznets (1945), Milton Friedmans PhD thesis
  • "Utility Analysis of Choices Involving Risk" sammen med L. Savage, 1948, Journal of Political Economy.
  • "A Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability", 1948, ‘’American Economic Review’‘ [hos JSTOR].
  • "Some Comments on the Significance of Labor Unions for Economic Policy", 1951, in D. McC. Wright, editor, The Impact of the Union. New York: Harcourt Brace.
  • "Commodity-Reserve Currency", 1951, Journal of Political Economy
  • "The Expected-Utility Hypothesis and the Measurability of Utility", sammen med L. Savage, 1952, Journal of Political Economy
  • The Methodology of Positive Economics (1953)
  • Essays in Positive Economics (1953)
  • "The Quantity Theory of Money: A restatement", 1956, in Friedman, editor, Studies in Quantity Theory.
  • A Theory of the Consumption Function (1957)
  • "The Supply of Money and Changes in Prices and Output", 1958, in Relationship of Prices to Economic Stability and Growth.
  • A Program for Monetary Stability (1960)
  • "The Demand for Money: Some theoretical and empirical results", 1959, ‘’Journal of Political Economy’‘ [also in JSTOR]
  • ‘’A Program for Monetary Stability’‘ (1960
  • "The Lag in Effect of Monetary Policy", 1961, ‘’Journal of Political Economy’‘ [in JSTOR]
  • "Should There be an Independent Monetary Authority?", in L.B. Yeager, editor, In Search of a Monetary Constitution
  • Inflation: Causes and consequences, 1963.
  • A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960, with Anna J. Schwartz, 1963.
  • "Money and Business Cycles" with A.J. Schwartz, 1963, REStat.
  • "The Relative Stability of Monetary Velocity and the Investment Multiplier in the United States, 1898-1958", with D. Meiselman, 1963, in Stabilization Policies.
  • "A Reply to Donald Hester", with D. Meiselman, 1964, REStat
  • "Interest Rates and the Demand for Money", 1966, JlawE
  • The Balance of Payments: Free Versus Fixed Exchange Rates with Robert V. Roosa (1967)
  • "What Price Guideposts?", in G.P. Schultz, R.Z. Aliber, editors, Guidelines
  • "The Role of Monetary Policy: Presidential Address to AEA", 1968, American Economic Review [hos JSTOR] Utgave nr. 58, side 4-17. * "Money: the Quantity Theory", 1968, IESS
  • "The Definition of Money" with Anna J. Schwartz, 1969.
  • Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy with Walter W. Heller (1969)
  • "Comment on Tobin", 1970, Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • Monetary Statistics of the United States: Sources, methods. with Anna J. Schwartz, 1970.
  • "A Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis", 1970, Journal of Political Economy [in JSTOR].
  • The Counter-Revolution in Monetary Theory. 1970.
  • "A Monetary Theory of National Income", 1971, Journal of Political Economy [in JSTOR]
  • "Comments on the Critics", 1974, in Gordon, ed. Milton Friedman and his Critics.
  • "Monetary Correction: A proposal for escalation clauses to reduce the cost of ending inflation", 1974
  • The Optimum Quantity of Money: And Other Essays (1976)
  • Price Theory (1976)
  • Milton Friedman in Australia, 1975 (1975)
  • Milton Friedman's Monetary Framework: A Debate with His Critics (1975)
  • "Comments on Tobin and Buiter", 1976, in J. Stein, editor, Monetarism.
  • "Inflation and Unemployment: Nobel lecture", 1977, Journal of Political Economy [in JSTOR]. Vol. 85, pp. 451-72.
  • "Interrelations between the United States and the United Kingdom, 1873-1975.", with A.J. Schwartz, 1982, J Int Money and Finance
  • Monetary Trends in the United States and the United Kingdom: Their relations to income, prices and interest rates, 1876-1975. with Anna J. Schwartz, 1982
  • "Monetary Policy: Tactics versus strategy", 1984, in Moore, editor, To Promote Prosperity.
  • “Lessons from the 1979-1982 Monetary Policy Experiment, ” Papers and Proceedings, American Economic Association. pp. 397-401. (1984).
  • "The Case for Overhauling the Federal Reserve", 1985, Challenge
  • "Has Government Any Role in Money?" with Anna J. Schwartz, 1986, JME
  • "Quantity Theory of Money", in J. Eatwell, M. Milgate, P. Newman, editors, The New Palgrave (1998)
  • "George J. Stigler, 1911-1991: Biographical Memoir", 1998, at National Academy of Science