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This should be "Den Haag". 10. des 2004 kl.11:05 (UTC) Martijn

In my atlas (Gyldendals store verdensatlas, pretty up to date) it's accualy named "Haag" on norwegian, the same goes in standard norwegian conversations, people talk about "the war crime court in Haag" not "the war crime court in den Haag" (just an example). Profoss 10. des 2004 kl.11:22 (UTC)
No, it shouldn't. This is not the Dutch Wikipedia. Look up Paris in the Dutch version and see what happens. Same thing here. Wurdnurd 31. jan 2008 kl. 19:31 (CET)

Is "provins" also the Norwegian term for a municipality? Because Den Haag is not a province (Zuid-Holland is), but a part of a province. Foeke 8. jan 2005 kl.11:36 (UTC)

I changed it from "fylke" (which is the name of Norwegian provinces) to the general term "provins". The Norwegian term for municipality is "kommune". Wolfram 8. jan 2005 kl.11:42 (UTC)
"Provins" is loosely like Dutch "provincie". The term "fylke" is correct for Zuid-Holland, as is the term "provins" to some degree. Personally, I wouldn't use "provins", as it is less defined in Norwegian, and may mean an area that is governed directly by the state as in that it has no province parliament. "Fylke" is the exact equivalent of the Dutch term "provincie" when used for these two countries. Wurdnurd 31. jan 2008 kl. 03:40 (CET)
Provins is what has been used in the other articles at the no-wikipedia, just as for some of the articles themselves. I've corrected your corrections ;) Noorse 31. jan 2008 kl. 21:47 (CET)