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Image Problem[rediger kilde]

An image used on this page: Image:Ben Johnson Seoul 1988.jpg will soon be deleted from Wikimedia Commons because it is not a free image. If your local wikipedia policy allows you to claim fair use of this image, you should make a local copy. A local copy has been made on English Wikipedia at en:Image:Ben Johnson 1988 Olympics - LAC a175370k.jpg . Otherwise, you should try to find another free picture that shows the same subject. You can see the deletion discussion at Commons here. Sorry for using English language for this notice. Thank you! (from the Wikimedia Commons) 21. mai 2008 kl. 08:21 (CEST)

Thanks for the notice. We don't use "fair use" images on this language. - Soulkeeper 21. mai 2008 kl. 08:53 (CEST)