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Sind nicht Chinesisch und Japanisch auch _Wichtige Sprachen_ ? Arent't Chinese and Japanese also "Important languages"

Indeed they are, but I think that most users here understand that it is meant in the sense «important for users of no: to be able to navigate to quickly». The languages listed there are not included beacuse of the number of speakers or any such criteria, but because they are closely related to Norwegian language and/or culture. Cnyborg 20. jun 2005 kl.12:57 (UTC)

Aktiv wikipedia[rediger kilde]

Når er en wikipedia aktiv? Boksen til høyre lister aktive wikipediaer. Metas liste inneholder wikipediaer på 253 språk. —Helland 29. jun 2007 kl. 13:35 (CEST)