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Soggy biscuit er en sexlek som involverer mannlig onani. Leken går ut på at man samles i en mindre gruppe, stiller seg i en sirkel og plasserer en kjeks i midten. Siden begynner man å onanere og deltagerne ejakulerer en etter en på kjeksen. Den siste som får utløsning må etter reglene spise opp kjeksen.[1][2] Aktiviteten påstås å ha begynt i Australia en gang på 1960-tallet.[2][3][4]

Variasjoner over temaet[rediger | rediger kilde]

Selv om terminologien kan være litt forskjellig er variasjoner over temaet omhandlet flere steder.

  • Stephen Frys bok The Liar
  • Filmen Crazy
  • SVTs humorprogram fra filmen CrazyYouTube
  • Sveriges Radios humorprogram Rally hadde en sketsj med tittelen «Gunde & Pekka runkar bulle».
  • Låten Scum Cookie fra Death metal-bandet Skinless

Litteratur[rediger | rediger kilde]

  • Green, Jonathon (1998). The Cassell Dictionary of Slang (1st Ed). Cassell. p. 1110. Definition: Soggy Biscuit, n. 1960's, origin. Aus.: 'A masturbation game, popular among schoolboys, whereby the participants masturbate and then ejeculate upon a biscuit; the last to reach orgasm must eat the semen-covered bicuit'
  • Partridge, Eric; Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor (2006). The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. pp. 2189. ISBN 041525938X, 9780415259385. Quote: The term "soggy biscuit" is thought to have originated in Australia sometime in the 1960s
  • Kimmel, Michael (2008). Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men. Harper. ISBN 978-0060831349.
  • Green, Joshua (1998). "Seven Deadly Sins: Bear, babes, and beatings". Published: October 28, 1998 Quote: "As at most schools, there was a rumor that trumped all others -- of a pledging endgame called "Ookie Cookie" in which fraternity hopefuls masturbated onto a cookie. The last one to finish faced a grueling ultimatum: eat the cookie or face instant excommunication."
  • Devenish, Colin (2000). Limp Bizkit. Macmillan. p. 26. ISBN 978-0312263492. Quote: Stateside, the Limp Bizkit name just looks misspelled with a possible impaired phallic reference but overseas Limp Bizkit takes on a completely new, and sometimes obscene connotation. "We've heard that in Australia there is a game called soggy biscuit, but they call it limp biscuit, too. It's played by teenage boys, and they have a circle jerk on a biscuit or piece of bread, and whoever comes last has to eat the bread"
  • Ferguson, Drew (2008). Screwed Up Life of Charlie the Second. Kensington Publishing. ISBN 978-0758227089. Quote: So that leaves the library stacks and daydreaming about the hockey team's "soggy biscuit" initiation where all the guys jack off onto a slice of Wonder Bread and the last guy to shoot eats it
  • Geoghegan, G. P (2007). Bush - the Dark Night of America. ISBN 978-1430324409. Retrieved on 2009-01-11. Quote: Later as an upperclassman, I graduated to the role of master, righteously ushering new pledges through untold character-building sexual humiliations and countless camaraderie-building soggy biscuit tournaments.

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