Mal:Sideboks med sammenklappbare lister

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{{Sideboks med sammenklappbare lister}} er en versjon av {{Sideboks}} som i tillegg har sammenklappbare lister som et alternativ til sideboksens innholdsparametre.

Bruk[rediger kilde]

Parameters with infrequent use omitted.

{{Sideboks med sammenklappbare lister
| name       = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| outertitle = 
| topimage   = 
| pretitle   = 
| title      = 
| image      = 
| expanded   = {{{expanded|{{{1|}}}}}} <!-- displays a specific list -->

| headingstyle   = 
| listtitlestyle = 
| contentstyle   = 

| heading1    = 
| list1name   = 
| list1title  = 
| list1       = 

| heading2    = 
| list2name   = 
| list2title  = 
| list2       = 

<!-- ...  -->


The topmost parameters (including name, outertitle, topimage, pretitle, title, image, headingstyle, contentstyle) are defined at the Sidebar template page.

The listtitlestyle and liststyle parameters are the equivalent of {{collapsible list}}'s titlestyle and liststyle parameters, while each listNtitle and listN parameter is the equivalent of {{collapsible list}}'s title and unnamed list parameter, respectively.

The listNname parameters are used to identify which, if any, list is to be shown expanded; see {{collapsible lists option}}.

Other collapsible list-related parameters[rediger kilde]

In addition to the above, the following collapsible list-related parameters are also available:

Sets the framestyle (see {{collapsible list}}) for the lists.
Sets the framestyle for listN, overriding listframestyle.
Sets the titlestyle for listN, overriding listtitlestyle above.
Sets the liststyle for listN, overriding liststyle above.

Handling long links[rediger kilde]

As with {{Sidebar}}, {{Normalwraplink}} may be used to handle links that should wrap within the sidebar or otherwise need to be made to wrap in order to prevent the sidebar becoming too wide. Use {{Normalwraplink|longlinkname}}, where |longlinkname is the long link without its square brackets.

Use the |wraplinks=true parameter to turn link wrapping off for the whole template.

Examples[rediger kilde]

Examples of this template can be found by checking "What links here" in template space.

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