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Da Playboy Foundation er et produsentteam bestående av Oral Bee (Anders Kranmo Smedstad), Big Ice (Andreas Wille Paulsen) og Mr. Pimp Lotion (Thomas Huse). Da Playboy Foundation er Norges eneste produsenter av gangsta rap og G-funk, og lager West-Coast inspirert musikk. Da Playboy Foundation har i mange år drevet med eksport av beats til amerikanske West-Coast rappere som Baby Bash, Sean T, Outlawz, Jay Tee, Devin the Dude, Kid Frost, Yukmouth fra The Luniz, Merciless, Celly Cel, Daz Dillinger, MC Eiht, Paul Wall, Joe Blow, Assassin, Lucky Luciano, Don Cisco, Marty Obey, Lil Rob, Messy Marv, Funk Daddy, JaySkee (Crooked Path), Cool Nutz, A-Wax, Woodie m.f.

Utgivelser på eget plateselskap[rediger | rediger kilde]

Oral Bee – Still Putter Det Ned (2005)

Oral Bee – Spiller Nummer 10 (2007)

Big Ice – Stackin Beats (2009)

Big Ice – Trunk Of Funk (2010)

Big Ice & Oral Bee – Pionerer (2011)

Utgivelser på andre plateselskap[rediger | rediger kilde]

Oral Bee – Sånn Vi Putter Det Ned (2001) EDEL RECORDS

Big Ice & Oral Bee – Presents: Da Playboy Foundation Compilation (2003) NOBLE RECORDS

Albumer der Da Playboy Foundation har bidratt på med produksjoner[rediger | rediger kilde]

Baby Bash: El Natural (2021)

Baby Bash & Paul Wall: Boof Weed (single, 2021)

JaySkeeReal: Momma (single, 2020)

JaySkeeReal: W.A.G. (single, 2020)

Spice 1, Daz Dillnger & Mc Eiht: My West (single, 2018)

Spice 1: Throne Of Game (2017)

Baby Bash: Don`t Panic It`s Organic (2016)

Joe Blow: You Should Be Paying Me Too!! (2016)

Daz Dillinger: Who Ride With Us Vol. 6 (2015)

Merc100Man (Merciless): Deja Vu 3 (2015)

Merc100Man (Merciless): Aztec Gold (2014)

Celly Cel: Morphine (2013)

Baby Bash: M.S.U. (2012)

Ralph Myerz feat. Snoop Dogg, George Clinton, Nipsy Hussle & Domino: Do The Damn Thang (2011)

Jay Tee: How The Game Go (2006)

A-Wax & Chewy L.O.C. Present Who Got It Part 2 (2006)

Assassin & Mopreme Shakur Presents Black & Brown Pride (2006)

Assassin & San Quinn – Fillmoe 2 San Jo 2 (2006)

Lofty: In The Beginning (2005)

Northern Expozure Volume 6. (2005)

Yuns: Storyteller (2005)

Wild West Compilation (2004)

A-Wax & Baby Bash: So Quick Like A Heist (2004)

Baby Bash: Menage A Trois (2004)

Assassin & JT The Bigga Figga Presents From Fillmoe 2 San Jo (2004)

Latin Kraze Presents Power Hitters Vol. 1. (2004)

Chingo Bling: The Tamale Kingpin (2004)

Baby Bash: Suga Suga (2004) Australian import single

Baby Bash: Tha Smokin Nephew Screwed & Chopped version (2004)

Northern Expozure Volume 5. (2003)

Frost: Greatest Joints Dos (2003)

Baby Bash: Tha Smokin Nephew (2003)

Assassin: The Hitman For Hire (2003)

Jay Tee: High Caliber (2003)

Bayriderz 3 Kalifornia: State Of Emergency (2003)

Frost Presents Somethin For The Riderz (2003)

Lowrider Legends Tour 2003 (2003)

Playas Association V.4 Northwest Hustlin (2002)

Free Agents: Negotiation$ (2002)

Assassin: Out Of Custody (2002)

Frost Presents Raza Radio (2002)

Jay Tee & Baby Beesh: Velvetism (2002)

Jay Tee & Baby Beesh feat. Frost: Whats Goin On? (2002)

Baby Beesh: On Tha Cool (2002)

D-Mac Presents West Coast Mobbin Compilation (2001)

City Of Dope Vol. 4 Return Of Califas (2001)

Unlawful Entry Compilation (2001)

Young Life: Thugg Muzikk (2001)

Sex, Alcohol & Pistol Grips Compilation (2000)

Sac Sin: Point Blank Range Vol II (2000)

Assassin: Revelation 2000 (2000)

Assassin: Presents City Of Dope (1999)

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